Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Guest Speaker

 This week we had the first Guest Speaker in quite a while.

Irene and Fran came along to tell us about their involvement in the Dress a Girl Charity

They told us how they had got involved through their church after retiring from work, and how they have developed their designs, from simple pillowcase dresses  to more fancy embellished creations.

 They now line all of the dresses

 And add frill, ribbons, buttons and ric-rac.
 Or anything else that is available
 Pockets that now hold a pair of knickers for the little girls.
Each of the dresses has an embroidered label form the organisation. These little girls feel safe when wearing a labeled dress.
It is a horrifying fact that the label indicates that an organisation is looking after them  and just maybe a predator will pass them by. 

That's worth the extra time and effort just to sew on a label.

Someone from Irene's church has recently visited Uganda and had used her luggage allowance to take a consignment of dresses over with her.

 Probably the only "new" thing that this child will ever own.
 And amongst the photos I spotted some little boys in shorts that I had made.
 Lets face it, there are no more like this in the world!!  I was thrilled to see my little creations actually where they were meant for.

So far thes ladies have made or inspired other to help make -----
1500 Dresses 👗
 336 Boys shorts
 222 Bags
The bags are made to store any precious possesions that the children may aquire. For some it may just be a pretty pebble. 

Many of our ladies chatted with Irene and Fran and took the dress pattern ( it's a very simple design) off to make one or two to add to the next collection

If any of you who were not able to come and hear this heartwarming talk would like to contribute some of your time  you can download the pattern and a great tutorial for a piloowcase dress from

the shorts from here

(I have drawn out of a few copies if you are unable to download for yourself)

and any simple bag pattern that you can lay your hands on.

And we have a good excuse for a tidy up in our sewing spaces!

Or if you feel so inclined - a pack of little panites from your local supermarket is just £2.50 - maybe drop a pack into your weekly shopping?

Ellen will be bringing a basket to group next time, and hopefully we will be able to fill it with buttons, ribbons, lace, ric-tac, or any other tra la's that you would like to pop in -

I wonder how many we will create.................


  1. Got the basket ready any small/large buttons, ribbons ect Irene would appreciate. Having a clear out ladies .Also she takes any sort of wool.