Thursday, 30 March 2017

Another Month Gone!

Jo was back with us after her extended holiday visiting her family in South Africa.  She was not in a sewing mood, so was making another beaded bauble to add to her collection 

Elaine has begun constructing this bag 
 and was very happy with her Easter basket

just needs some chocolate eggs 😋

Debbie is soldiering on with her Hexagon quilt

It's been ages since we saw some Japanese Folded patchwork, but this is the method that Jan is using for her daughters new quilt.

Chris is making the applique panels for the cute drawstring bag 
the pattern is almost an antique 😝
 Shirley was getting the order of her fabrics how she wanted before sewing this little bag. This will be used by her niece for nappies and wipes
 Ellen was stitching a panel
 More Hexagons from Toni.
she always uses such pretty colours
 Val was making ..... Can't for the life of me remember, but we will see it when finished I'm sure!!
 We had more of the Stumpwork ladies on show

Mrs Beal's apprentice is nearing the end of the alphabet
Such a good Student Pauline
  Wonder what the next level will be?
only a few more letters to go

Brenda is also making an alphabet quilt. This is a different design
 Someone may be panic sewing her Christmas Challenge!!
 And those chickens have been hatching


 I think that these may be Rosemary's
 Both of these have been named for their new owners
 Brenda has been making this baby quilt for a friend
 These panels have been waiting, for a while, for a new home. They look like the pages from a school child's Art book

Linda is working on a new arty project

Lynda has used up some Charm Packs on her new quilty project

 Alison has begun to smock a little dress
  Barbara wanted a new table centre to fit in with her Spring Summer decor, but when doing the swap over from Winter to Spring, she found a very similar one that she had made last year!!
Still, you can never have too many patchwork items in your home, can you?


  1. Busy, busy, busy, can't stop too much to do!!

  2. Good to have Jo back, love her blog.
    Everyone seems to busy. Love the chicken themed runners and mats.

  3. lovely work and so nice to see Jo again.....Chicken mats really good.

  4. What a lovely variety of work from the ladies X

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