Monday, 1 August 2016

August Already!!

And Jo's tuition was in demand.

First by Annette who is make little dresses for her Grand-Twins Christening next month

And by  Lynda who is also making a smocked dress - just to hang on the wall in her studio!
 Barbara is on the last of 10 pieced Christmas decorations
because 10 is enough for anyone!

 Ann is appliqueing a Teddy Linus quilt

 Chris is stitching a sampler

And Eileen was just sewing the binding on a panel that she has made into a quilt 
 Elaine was doing the same thing. Both of these have been around ..........  for a while but they are both worth waiting for !

Jackie was also on a baby quilt, hand quilting still to be finished

Ena has remembered that she was going to make another clock as a gift.  Dresden Plate is her choice of block for this clock.

 Glenys is completely hooked on knitting these lovely bunnies.  She is planning a grey one next
so sweet!

Collen is stitching a pretty floral panel

Linda is also embroidering a sweet block

 Pam was embroidering her Christmas Red Work panels

 Bridget has got another one of her Block of the Month's blocks completed

 Shirley is playing with pretty beads and this snowflake is one of her favourite pieces.

And then there's the Fold and Stitch Wreaths (told you we would be seeing more!)
 Carole was away when we had the workshop but is catching up well
a Christmassy feel
 Tony was also away, but is on the last part of hers

June - another one absent for the workshops had finished hers

 As had Ena whose choice of bright and cheery fabrics are lovely!

Jackie had arrived a bit late on the Wednesday workshop and was feeling quite hot and VERY stressed but was still good enough to come along and have a go
  With a bit of help to catch up managed to get hers almost complete ....... until she ran out of thread, so that would be a finish for another day!
Appliqueing the paels

joining together

auditioning the fold back
Jackie has promised to send a photo of her finished wreath through as soon as it is done. But she is having a very well deserved rest for a few days!!

The lades that belong to the Mini Mania Challenge Group had brought their July challenges n to compare works

July's challenge was Seminole patchwork

they are .... quite small!

Some of the ladies were asking for the pattern for the Bear Ears Hat so I have added a link. 


I have had these two Thank You's for all of the lovely things that you have been adding to the "Preemie Box"

Photo from Instagram

Keep them coming - they are really appreciated.

There will be NO Wednesday meetings in August.

The Monday Project Day on August 15th  will be a "do your own thing" day, though I do know that there are some small groups that are planning to do something together.   If you have a project that you would like to share, let us know.

For some reason the Tutorials page has disappeared from our blog!
I will pop in the pattern links here till it gets sorted !!!
Anyone who knows how to get it back - please let me know!!!!!

Patterns for the Memory Box Project

Bear Ears Hat

From Bliss

Baby Hat

From Black Sheep Wools

Ventilator Bonnet 

Ventilation  Hat

Crochet Hat

From other sources...

Knitted Hat

Snuggly Toy Pattern

Crochet Giraffe 
Knitted Rabbit

Bonding Squares -  Knit DK yarn & 4mm needles Cast on 34 stitches and knit until square ( approx 50 rows)

Crochet - Chain 30 and DC until Square

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sweat Shop Production!

 Not that they were pushed to work hard - but it was ....... a touch warm at the Workshop Day

Things started very promptly and the ladies having pre-cut all of their pieces helped with that.

 Sewing machines out and threaded up and the first step of making a Fold and Stitch Wreath commenced

 It also helped that someone had cut out all of the wadding squares too

 All 228 of them!!

 Anyway - sewing commenced

and a bit of snipping

And then the pressing

 Et Voila

we had some fabulous Fold and Stitch wreaths finished in a whoosh 



 there is so much I could tell you about Kathy's --- Lets just say she kept is entertained



Add caption
 there were some more that were not quite finished, but I am sure that we will see many more of these over the coming weeks.
Well Done Ladies

Looking forward to seeing the Wednesday girls wreaths too.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Weeks Review

 Rosemary is producing lots of small items,

A Victorian pouch (I keep my thimbles in mine)
  and some of the nice little Zippy Purses
 Sue is making a cushion to match the quilt that we saw a couple of weeks ago

 Linda has made some hand dyed squares

 that have information on the back - these are for her City & Guilds project
 Bernice is doing a TINY embroidery!
 Elizabeth has finished another lovely quilt
 And Gill and Bernice had their Cathedral Window Needle-cases to show completed

 Elaine was working of a felt toy kit

 and also had a cute Crochet kit to start on

 Kim has started an Applique Quilt - we will see this in progress over the next few weeks

It was nice to see Sue back with us and she is catching up with her Collage Creation

 Jan has also started an Applique Quilt

 There was a lot of Hexagons in various stages

They do make a very portable project to bring to group 

Fran had been given a day off from Granny Duties and spent ...... quite a bit of time catching up with friends, but she did get ... a bit of sewing done!

 Elaine was pleased to be adding the finishing touches to her Woven Basket

 Bridget had finished the first block in her Block of the Month Quilt

 and had started on the second

This was the first picture I took, and try as I might, I can't think whose it was!!  
But it is a lovely embroidered piece that will become our ever popular Hussuff

 Mrs Beal brought in a very pretty quilt that her lovely Daughter In Law has made for Project Linus.

She has used darling fabrics and the coziest soft Minky to back it with. Some lucky little girl will be able to call this her own.  Thank you Mrs B's DIL!!